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Dr. Pat Lynch

National Advisory Council Member

Dr. Pat Lynch has worked as an independent management consultant for over 27 years with clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Since 2007 she has consulted with fire-rescue agencies in areas such as strategic planning, succession management, leadership development, executive coaching, management training, core values, branding and marketing, and inclusion, equity, and diversity.


She brings a unique perspective to the public safety arena by virtue of her varied career path and by her volunteer work as an emergency services responder for the Los Angeles region of the American Red Cross. Before starting her own business, her previous roles included tenured associate professor in the California State University system, senior financial analyst for FedEx, and social worker for the state of Tennessee. She also served as an arbitrator for the New York Stock Exchange.

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Pat has presented at numerous conferences in the U.S. and Canada, written articles and delivered webinars for the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), and provided assistance and guidance to public safety agencies and leaders throughout the U.S. She has served as a subject matter expert on a variety of IAFC projects and is a regular presenter at the Fire Service Executive Development Institute.


Pat is the primary author of Every Fire-Rescue Professional is a Leader: A Practical Guide for Individual, Team, and Organization Development as well as two related field guides. Her doctorate from Georgia State University is in personnel and employment relations (labor relations, human resources, and organizational behavior) with a minor in labor and employment law. She previously earned an MBA in economics from the University of Memphis and a B.A. in sociology from Smith College.


One little known fact about Pat is that she is a certified business ghostwriter. She works with individuals who have important messages to share yet lack the time and/or the inclination to commit them to paper. Obviously she cannot identify these individuals, as that would defeat the purpose of using a ghostwriter.


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