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Meet Dave Adams

Vice-President of the Board


Co-Founder of Emergency Reporting (2003-2019), holding  ownership and leadership positions were highlighted by establishing brand and business development sales effort for web-based fire/EMS records management and reporting services. Emergency Reporting served small municipalities to large municipal and state fire agencies, and Department of Defense enterprise contracts for the U.S. Army and United States Marine Corp. before a majority share investment from private equity firm and then full acquisition of the company.

Currently managing strategic investments in numerous start-up companies helping them to develop and grow in their respective marketspace. In addition, he serves as Director and Vice-President on the Board of Directors for The Leadership Crucible Foundation, whose mission is to share the impartial truth of a diverse range of leaders from every stratum of our global village; their experiences, challenges and philosophies that made them who they are; their lessons learned on their journey, focused on “paying it forward to the future generations” and leaving the world “better than you found it.” 

My participation in The Leadership Crucible Foundation is to help produce positive and encouraging narratives through engaging, transparent conversations of ‘Crucible moments.’  
These lessons learned and the accompanying positive application, can help current leaders be more effective, and help mentor our future leaders today. 


Meet the Board and Advisory Council

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