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Invest in Leadership. Change our World.

Join us on the journey of changing the future outlook of leadership which promotes an improved society, ethical organizations, and better humans.

Our aim is not to generate profit; instead, we established a foundation to obtain external investment support. Our primary objective is to deliver superior content and related solutions that are dedicated to improving the abilities of present-day  and future leaders.


We endeavor to assist our future generation in preparing themselves to become exemplary leaders, paying it forward to the succeeding generation of leaders in their journey, and leaving the world in a better state than we discovered it. We have developed various methods through which individuals, corporations, and public and private organizations can contribute. As a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, your investment in the foundation is tax-deductible.


By making a tax-deductible donation to the Leadership Crucible Foundation, you're supporting the sharing of impactful stories and the production of our podcast, newsletter, organizational webinars, curriculum development, and other initiatives. By donating to The Leadership Crucible Foundation, you will be opted in to receive our monthly newsletter filled with practical leadership advice, organization updates, and more.

If you'd like to direct your donation to a specific initiative we're working on that is near and dear to your hear, please specify the purpose of your donation in the payment notes: Podcast Production, Leadership Development Programs for Educational Institutions, or The Leadership Crucible Newsletter.

Make a one-time or monthly contribution to support the foundation:

  • One-time donation: $25 | $50 | $75 | $100 | Other Amount

  • Monthly contribution: $5 | $7 | $10 | Other Amount

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The Leadership Crucible Foundation has additional alliance partnership opportunities available for corporate sponsors, philanthropic organizations, and other foundations who share in our vision. To learn more, contact Chief Bruegman (Ret.) at, to set up an initial call and to receive information on partnerships of this type.

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