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The Leadership Crucible Organizational Forum

Explore how to develop solutions for frustrating organizational problems and facilitate discussions for improving issues in the workplace.


Support the leadership within your organization with three 90-minute structured video conference sessions with Chief Bruegman (Ret.).


These sessions include a formal presentation from Chief Bruegman and a Q+A with the forum participants. This forum allows you to sign up to 10 participants from your leadership team, who will engage in discussion with other leaders from other professions, addressing common issues and problems that are being faced in leadership today. The Leadership Crucible Connection and The Leadership Crucible Newsletter subscription are also included for those 10 participants.


During each call, Chief Bruegman will facilitate relevant dialog, explore how to develop solutions for frustrating organizational problems, and discuss strategies for developing the leaders within your organization. These calls will be recorded for transcription.

Donation Varies on Size of Organization:

  • 0-25 Employees: $750/year

  • 26-50 Employees: $1,000/year

  • 51-100 Employees: $1,250/year 

  • 101-999 Employees: $1,500/year                        

  • 1000 or More Employees: $2,000/year

The co-branding of resources for internal and external distribution is also available. Please email to discuss the benefits of these materials.

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