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The Art of Mindful Feedback: Paving the Way for Growth

In the song of mindful feedback, the subtleties of our day-to-day communication, the established foundation of trust, and the clarity of our expectations lay the groundwork for the melody, well before we embark on the journey of coaching an individual.

And like a well-crafted symphony, every note matters.

At Stoneledge, our coaching philosophy is rooted in this understanding. I’ve had the privilege of cultivating this approach to coaching, which became the CALLM Coaching methodology, during my tenure at Disney Cruise Line and the Disney Institute. This style redefined the feedback sessions I held with my cast members and transformed them from potential stress points into collaborative opportunities.

So, what exactly is CALLM Coaching? Let's delve into its core principles:

CLARITY: Set crystal-clear expectations. Understand and communicate the 'what', 'how', and 'why' behind every task or responsibility. This alignment minimizes ambiguity and paves the way for productive dialogues.

ASK: Before delving into feedback, first seek the viewpoint of the individual you're coaching. Every story has multiple facets, and understanding all angles is essential. This holistic view equips you with the insights needed to guide the conversation effectively.

LISTEN: Listen with the intent to understand, not just respond. Be a truth seeker, approaching the conversation with an open heart and mind, rather than trying to fit the narrative into preconceived notions.

LEAVE Emotions Behind: Feedback should be objective, not emotionally charged. If you're grappling with strong emotions like frustration or disappointment, it's prudent to pause. Wait until you can approach the conversation with calmness and neutrality.

MENTOR: Position yourself as a mentor, not a critic. Embrace the feedback session as a platform for nurturing growth. This perspective shifts the energy of the conversation from mere correction to constructive guidance.

The heart of the CALLM Coaching model is simple.

It's about mutual respect and understanding. When individuals realize that their leaders are not just invested in their output but in their overall growth, it fosters an environment of trust and loyalty. They don't see feedback as criticism; they view it as a stepping stone to excellence.

And incorporating these principles doesn't just enhance the quality of feedback; it elevates the entire team dynamic. When people feel understood, valued, and guided, they trust the process, and they trust their leaders.

The results? Enhanced productivity, improved team cohesion, and an organization that thrives on mutual respect and shared aspirations.

In conclusion, mindful feedback isn't just a technique; it's a culture. It's a commitment to understanding, guiding, and nurturing. At its core, it's about believing in the boundless potential of individuals and paving the path for them to reach it.


Stoneledge Enrichment is a boutique firm in Chattanooga, TN that provides coaching, courses, and consulting on embracing mindfulness and leading with purpose. Visit us at to view our approach and offerings.


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