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The Impact of "How Are You Doing?"

I was on a conference call via ZOOM earlier today – and Chief Bruegman quickly mentioned “While I was at the dog park last week I got to talking to a fellow….” – and my brain instantly responded with hundreds and hundreds of thoughts about the content of that statement.

My dad had a huge influence on my life and early on he taught me the value of “talking to everyone” – and I have been doing that for 70+ years and let me tell you that one habit has paid of thousands and thousands of times.

I go out of my way to say “hi” to people, to ask them how they are doing, or to say something positive to them about their car or their motorcycle or their boat – or whatever – and that opens up a conversation which oftentimes leads to a business opportunity or even a friendship.

Sadly – and I grant you this is a huge generalization – this seems to be a dying behavior with the newest generation – that seems to be tied to their texting devices – and in my mind, they are missing a huge opportunity.

Here is one quick story for you – and I encourage you to chime in on this Blog and add in yours. On the days I am not working early I take a walk up and down the beach here in Orange County California. There are a number of people who do the same – it is excellent exercise – and there are many surfers, beachgoers and other walkers along the bike path. I started doing this about a decade ago – and I saw an old fellow with a walker and a NAVY hat on every day – and I mean every day – and he was slowly making progress along the bike path.

Every morning I would say hi – and one morning I stopped to introduce myself saying – and he said “I am Joe Bush – I am 93 and I am going to make it to 100” – That was a great start to a conversation – which led to his work in WW2, which led to many other fun discussions.

He is known as “The Mayor of Bolsa Chica” because he “holds court” every morning with a group of friends and admirers. He is nearly 102 years old.

My life is better because of him – and it all started with a “how are you doing today?” statement a long time ago.


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