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Through sharing personal stories of transformation, we help to resolve the crisis of poor leadership and inspire current and future leaders to adopt integrity-driven and decisive leadership styles that leave a positive impact on individuals and organizations at all levels of society.

of young adults say society is facing a leadership crisis right now

via Barna


of American respondents are “largely disappointed” by leaders in society.

via Harris Poll



of respondents say there is

a leadership crisis in

corporate America

via Harris Poll

It is evident from what is occurring in our country and worldwide that we are facing a crisis in leadership.

We find ourselves at a critical time when we need leaders to be called to a higher standard of humility, honesty, decisiveness, integrity, and empathy. Yet, what we see is an inability for many in leadership positions to do just that: lead! This dilemma affects every stratum of our global society, each detail of the business, and the lives of individuals. 

Chief Randy Bruegman leadership crucible foundation

We're making a difference by investing in the future of leadership.

We exist to share personal stories of crucible moments and life challenges that define positive and impactful leaders. Our organization highlights these transformative and impactful narratives through various online resources, corporate learning sessions, and programs for students to encourage a higher standard of leadership in current and future generations, resulting in a better world and improved organizations.


Your employees are the human capital of your operation, and they provide the best opportunity for long-term value creation, whether that is in company profits, brand recognition, customer satisfaction or customer service. When you invest in your employees, you are also investing in the future of your organization, and that is more important today than ever before.



Chief Randy Bruegman leadership crucible podcast


Join Chief Bruegman as he speaks with diverse leaders, exploring and learning from their personal journeys, as they strive to help others live a life of significance.

Leadership crucible foundation newsletter


Each month, Chief Bruegman releases a newsletter, filled with practical leadership advice that he's collected over his career and in talking to those interviewed on The Leadership Crucible Podcast. ​

leadership crucible foundation school programs


Our goal in paying it forward is to create leadership materials for organizations and schools. We will facilitate conversations about what great leadership looks like and how to achieve it.

randy bruegman fire chief


After 40 years in the fire service, nationally recognized Chief Randy Bruegman developed The Leadership Crucible Foundation to transform the outlook of future leadership and to encourage the demand for courage, empathy, and humility in such positions.    


Who better to understand the need for leadership than a fire service leader? When lives are at stake, his or her organization must ‘get it right’ the first time. Americans trust their firefighters to do just that.

The Mission

From his own journey to the journey of those that share their own stories on his podcast, you too will be inspired and empowered to lead and teach others as your own journey takes shape and as you strive to leave it better than you found it and pay it forward to those that you lead.  

Why join forces with Chief Randy Bruegman and The Leadership Crucible Foundation on this mission?


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EPISODE 044 | Rick Knabb: From Fear to Calling

In this episode, discover how to turn personal challenges into leadership opportunities and learn the impact of clear communication on meteorology's critical role in public safety.

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