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[Podcast] Leading with Character

About This Episode

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Enhance your leadership effectiveness by developing strong character traits.

  • Demonstrate moral courage and lead with integrity in challenging situations.

  • Prepare yourself for the future by understanding the qualities that make the next generation of leaders successful.

  • Develop the skills necessary to lead yourself effectively before taking on the responsibility of leading others.

  • Explore the impact of character failures on leadership and discover strategies for preventing and overcoming them.

Meet Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson is a West Point graduate and a decorated combat veteran. He earned a Bronze Star during Operation Desert Storm. Dave spent 20 years in a global Fortune 50 company in various leadership positions. During this time, he earned his company’s highest sales leadership award 4 times in an 8 year period.

Author of the Amazon Best Seller – Becoming a Leader of Character , Dave has also written 1000+ articles which focus on ethics, leadership, and the value of character. In the last 12 months Dave has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Oracle and Bristol Meyers Squib. Since 2017, Dave has also personally led over 2000 first responder personnel from 100+ agencies through his Firefighters of Character and Officers of Character workshops. In the last 12 months he presented keynotes with the Texas, California, and Colorado Fire Chiefs Associations. He also spoke at the International Association of Fire Chief’s Fire Rescue International in 2023. Dave's #1 goal is for everyone to be able to confidently say "Yes!" to the question - "Would YOU follow YOU?"

Podcast Episode Resources

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