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Weathering the Storms: Advice from a Veteran News Executive

About This Episode

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn how to develop exceptional leadership skills through adversity and emerge as a stronger and more resilient executive.

  • Master the strategies to build a thriving and influential career in the dynamic and competitive news media industry.

  • Harness the power of inclusive leadership to elevate your team's performance and foster a culture of collaboration and achievement.

  • Implement effective strategies for succession planning to ensure the continuity and success of leadership within your organization.

  • Discover effective ways to balance the demands of a high-powered media career with family responsibilities and personal well-being.

Meet Nora Zimmett

Nora Zimmett, the president of original news for the Weather Group, brings a wealth of experience in the news media industry. With a distinguished career that includes roles at CNN, Bloomberg Television, and Fox News Channel, Nora has earned an Emmy Award for her work on the 2012 presidential election. Her journey from a professional actress to a senior leader in the television and digital media sector showcases her resilience and dedication. Nora's insights into inclusive leadership, the impact of leadership on team performance, and her strategies for effective succession planning make her a valuable resource for aspiring female executives in the news media industry, seeking to navigate and excel in their careers.

Podcast Episode Resources

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